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Mario Kart 8 fun times!

Here are some of the of the fun times I had with Mario Kart 8. It’s also a nice way to test the embedding option of Miiverse.

An unexpected love triangle

So I was playing some Tomodachi Collection and one of the Mii’s, modeled after Japanese actress Horikita Maki, decided to confess her love to my Mii. Needless to say, that surprised me. As the curator of the island, it’s up to me to tell her if she should pursue her crush. Of course, how could I say no to an actress? So I gave her some advice and she ended up confessing to my Mii under a sakura tree.

What I didn’t expect was that Nikki (the SwapNote Mii) also had a crush on my Mii and showed up to confess her love too.

I ended up having to cheer Maki up for being shot down by my Mii. That took some effort as Mii’s in Tomodachi Collection do get depressed or sad if they get their feelings hurt.

I’ll be doing more updates as we ramp up to the western release of Tomodachi Life. Check back from time to time and check out my Twitter for simple updates.


Looking back on GDC Europe 2010 – The overall experience


Back in August of 2010I once again attended GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany and it was awesome. Was it as awesome as 2009 year? Well, yes and no.

So once again I geared up for another trip to Cologne, Germany to attend for a second time the Game Developers Conference Europe (GDC Europe). This year, I was attending the 3-day conference with my classmate and now fellow graduate Alex, for who it was his first time attending. We were both very excited to be able to attend so you can understand that we would be all over the place. This however proved to be quite difficult, as a bunch of the lectures we wanted to attend tended to go on at the same time, prompting us to chose which one we really wanted to attend but not necessarily against ones we could truly benefit from.

We had to make some tough choices, but in the end we are able to attend some amazing lectures, keynotes and one very cool workshop about how an independent development team should go about pitching their game to a publisher. That was as educational and informational as it was fun.

One thing that I was hoping but not expected, was to run into people that I met back at the ‘09 GDC Europe. I was so fresh, still being in college at the time, and was totally inexperienced when it came to networking at this kind of event that even if I recognized someone what would the odds be of someone recognizing me. As luck would have it, I actually did meet someone that I previously met the year before. I was standing around, waiting for the next panel to begin when I saw Adam Boyes of Beefy Media talking with a group of speakers and conference attendees. When I met him back on ’09 he was working at Capcom. I even pitched him a game back then.

After he was done talking, I went up to him to say ‘hi’ and catch up. To my surprise, he still recognized me, which was a good thing as he introduced me to Andrew Smith of Spilt Milk Studios and a fellow game designer. I am really glad that I got to meet him and see Adam again, it made me feel a bit less nervous about being there.

I met even more people there this time around including such luminaries as Hermen Hulst from Guerrilla games and Warren Spector from Junction Point. It was really cool meeting all these people and more. Seeing them talk and share their own views is quite inspiring and gives you fresh perspective.

In a nutshell, GDC Europe 2010 was a good experience. I felt that all that I had learned and experienced there would benefit me down the line. Of course nothing beats the fist time, by virtue of it being the fist time but it was still a good experience no the less.